6 Tips For Wearing Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are usually exquisite in nature and can make you stand out in any room. However, they might seem a bit complicated at first. With so many different designs and some of them consisting of two or more colors, it can get quite stressful when choosing which one to wear with other articles of clothing.

Thankfully, we have a curated guide for you regarding this exact ordeal!

Here are six tips to help you get started on your next statement outfit!

1. Learn About Statement Necklaces

Before doing anything, you must be aware of what statement necklaces entail. Rather than giving a technical definition of what they are, we have provided a couple of guidelines on what makes a necklace a statement piece.

  • Large in size, taking the focal point of the whole outfit
  • The necklace covers both the top and bottom part of the chest at the same time
  • The intent is to keep the focus on the necklace over other jewelry or accessories
  • The intent is to express one's self and personality through the piece

2. Choose What You Like

We believe it's better to choose what you already like before considering which ones would better fit your outfits. Since these are statement pieces, it is essential that you can identify with and be proud of your statement jewelry when it is put on.

And just to reiterate, think of your outfit as something that will complement your necklace rather than the opposite.

3. Should You Put On Other Accessories?

The most common belief is that a statement necklace should be the only piece of jewelry you should wear on any outfit. While this may be correct in some aspects, we would still disagree with that argument.

First, it is correct that you do not want to wear other large pieces when wearing a statement necklace as it will take away from the necklace's attention. If you're going to add other accessories to your outfit with your statement necklace, you are going to need to look for more subtle and simple accessories. And not only should they be simple, but they should also have a color that matches the statement necklace. This way, the other accessories can help bring out the hues of the necklace and make it shine! Some examples of side accessories include minimalist bracelets and a variety of stud earrings.

4. Casual and Formal Settings

You might have thought that statement pieces should only be worn in casual settings. As much as it makes sense, we would respectfully have to disagree.

On the surface level, casual outfits are the most popular choice as it is much easier to pair statement pieces with them than formal ones. Professional settings usually require a bit more subtlety in your jewelry, making it trickier when choosing the right statement necklace.

A great example of this can be a statement necklace that showcases simple, clean hoops. As long as the necklace is made with simple colors and styles, we believe it can help you in the workplace by allowing you to look more confident and take more professional authority!

5. Match and Coordinate Colors

Matching colors is significant with any accessory, but most definitely with statement necklaces.

Due to their large size, statement necklaces are usually the first thing people will notice on your outfit. Considering this, it is crucial to ensure the colors match as they play a key role in your outfit.

First, you'll need to identify the predominant color of whatever clothing you're about to wear. These include the color of your dress or blouse and also whether the color is warm or cool. As a general rule of thumb, warm colors match with other warm colors, and the same for cold colors.

However, experts claim that there are three other color schemes that also work, based on their studies and they are:

  • Black or White with one other statement color
  • Combination of three harmonious/adjacent colors on the color wheel
  • Combination of two complementary colors on the opposite sides of each on the color wheel

6. Size and Shape

When it comes to size, it should be pretty straightforward. You just need a necklace that is big enough so it can wrap thickly around your neck. It should take up most of the space on your chest, similar to a scarf.

When it comes to the shape, it is a bit more complex. The best way to explain this would be through an example. Let's just say that your outfit has polka dots or any type of rounded shape design. To pull off a cohesive look, you would want to go for more of a rounded statement piece as well, such as some large hoops or voluminous chains made from circular links.

You are now ready!

Matching outfits with jewelry has never been an easy task, and it gets even more complicated when trying to put together a cohesive outfit with a statement necklace.

Nevertheless, we believe that with a bit of thought, preparation, and research, you can have a fun and exciting experience when putting together an outfit that correctly features your statement jewelry!

Now that you have been equipped with this newfound knowledge and expertise, it's time for you to browse our vast collection of statement necklaces on our online store! There you'll find all kinds of necklaces where you'll be able to find one that features your unique look and personality!