How to Wear Your Outfits With Different Types of Earrings

Earrings have been around for thousands of years and are here to stay for years to come. Considering its long history, it is presumable that there are many different types of earrings in all shapes and sizes. These can include stud, drop, dangle, and hoop earrings. With so many earring types, it can get quite confusing when picking the right set of earrings for the right outfit that complements them.

Luckily you have come to the right place! We will go over 4 of the most popular earring types and how you can start putting together some great outfits today!

1. Stud Earrings

In the world of earrings, studs are considered to be the most delicate and are usually the smallest ones. They are worn by most as a day-to-day pair of earrings as they do not take up too much space on the ears, as well as keep the attention levels to a minimum.

Viola's Glass Stone Earrings in Red

We've mentioned previously that most studs are dainty, so pairing them with more minimalist elegant outfits or even simple and casual ones might do the trick. Adding more jewelry such as a delicate necklace or a couple of rings could also help complement the whole outfit. Our very own Viola's Glass Stone Earrings are a perfect example of stud earrings that can be worn daily without feeling dull. These tiny earrings are best when wanting to add a bit of color to your outfit without it being bothersome or distracting. Another great example would be our Tess Stone Necklace & Earring Set. The necklace makes the statement, while the earrings help provide a sense of unity and connection throughout the outfit. Additionally, this product has both the necklace and earrings in one set for your convenience!

2. Drop Earrings

One of the main attributes of drop earrings is that the earring will always drop slightly below the earlobe, hence the name. Depending on their design, they may or may not swing, and can use a post to secure them to your ears, similar to studs. However, they are more often secured by hooks called 'ear wires'. Right next to stud earrings, drop earrings are considered to be just as standard and can make a great alternative to studs when it comes to daily wear. Drop earrings can either be subtle and simple or bold and more noticeable. These earrings vary in so many different designs, so you can technically wear them to dress up or dress down. As long as your jewelry wardrobe is big enough, you will have many options.

Dressing Up

Pairing our dazzling red Allira Teardrop Stone Earrings with a small black or red linen dress would work wonders. Furthermore, you could add our cream Athena Pearl Choker Necklace or red Alena Statement Oval Rhinestone Stretch Ring to your outfit to complete the look.

Allira Teardrop Stone Earrings
Dressing Down

For a more casual look, pair the same earrings or something simple with some blue jeans and a flowy blouse. The earrings will swing around and dazzle as the rest of the outfit complements the earrings to the forefront.

3. Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings resemble drop earrings in their design and general structure, but dangle ones usually hang a bit further below the earlobe. In addition, they always swing back and forth and/or side to side. Being more dramatic than drop earrings, dangle earrings can even hang all the way down to your shoulders. The styles that dangle earrings can have can vary, so you shouldn't run into too much trouble finding one that matches you. Just make sure you feel confident with the earrings, as that confidence will be what completes your outfit.

Dangle Earrings as the Spotlight

Dangle earrings can make a great focal point to your outfit as they can be super flamboyant and vibrant in colors. If this is the case for your earrings, make sure not to wear much jewelry. If extra jewelry is necessary, wear ones away from your ears, such as bracelets or rings. Our silver Ivanna Large Rhinestone Chandelier Post Earrings are a great example of earrings that will make an exceptional focal point for an outfit. On the other hand, you can still put on some dangle earrings and a necklace together to make an outfit, but they should be complementary to each other or just less bold in general. An excellent example of this can be pairing our amber Rio Teardrop Rhinestone Earrings with our gold iridescent Polly Rhinestone Tennis Necklace.

Ivanna Large Rhinestone Chandelier Post Earrings


Casual Dangle Earrings

If you didn't want so much attention with your outfit, you could just opt for a more subtle design such as our white Lillian Flower Petal Earrings. Pair these with a simple linen top or a flowy dress for the summer!

4. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have always been a timeless classic and have been first known to be worn around 2500 BC by Sumerian women at the time. These earrings can vary, as some can be very simple and classic, while others can be very ornate and decorative. However, both can capture the attention of any room you walk in as long as all the pieces work together and complement you.

Classic Hoop Earrings

Having at least one pair of simple hoop earrings is a must for every woman! They can match with almost any outfit and can also give any outfit the extra glam it needs. In this case, our very own Kay's Twisted Hoop Earrings in either gold or silver would be the perfect hoop earrings, as they can add a minimalist sophistication to numerous outfits. Some outfit ideas include a casual top and jeans outfit with rings of the same color or even a formal suit as the earrings can add some color.

Ornate Hoop Earrings

Simple hoop earrings are always a must-buy because they are a safe choice in the long run. Nevertheless, more ornate hoop earrings help push the boundaries further by making you stand out much more. Our Kat's Heart Rhinestone Earrings in gold would be perfect in this case with their particular heart shape and fully studded rhinestones. To complement the earrings' elegant design, pair them with an equally elegant dress in black or white. If you wanted some color in your outfit, you could definitely go for our Ariel Rhinestone Hoop Earrings. Due to its multitude of colors, these can go with almost any color or outfit, but more so of a casual fit.

Kat's Heart Rhinestone Earrings