Every piece of Sophia Collection jewelry & accessories is made with care from precious metals and natural gemstones. Tips on how to care for your jewelry!

• Keep your jewelry & accessories out of water! Hopping in the shower with jewelry will tarnish the material over time.

• Be mindful to keep your jewelry out of the sun. The sun's harmful rays can affect the durability and color of your accessories.

• Exposure to chemicals can damage or discolor precious metals. Hairspray, lotion, perfume or other cosmetics are examples of everyday substances that can damage your goods.

• Try not to wear your jewelry to sleep. It's easy to forget to remove it and end up damaging it! 

• Wearing your jewels to the gym will not only make you look good while working out, but it can definitely rust your jewelry with the sweat (and you want to keep it away from water anyway).


How To Care For Your Jewelry