October Birthstone Guide: Opal

Summer is finally coming to an end, and we're seeing an introduction to different colors in our natural environment. Leaves are starting to fall and Halloween is just around the corner! More importantly, it's the month of October so I'm calling out all the October babies!

This blog is about your birthstone, which is the opal. Opals come in varying sizes and shapes, but one thing's for certain - they all share their iridescent characteristic that gives off many colors. This unique feature is what attracts many opal lovers to this stone.

The Opal's Meaning

The opal's name derives from two different cultures, one being the Sanskrit "upala" and the other one being the Greek "opalliosis". They each directly translate to "precious stone" and "to see a change of color", respectively. As you can see from the pictures, these definitions align with how the opals look.


At one point in history, opal was considered bad energy. It was said that the opal would bring back bad luck to those who had the stone in their possession. The myth was that Lady Hermione was falsely accused of being a possessed demoness, but she died not long after a drop of holy water fell on her opal and eliminated the iridescent color.

Engraved Portrait of Lady Hermione in her famous opals by W.H. Mote

As crazy as this might sound, people took this as truth which resulted in a crash of the opal market in Europe at that time. Surprisingly, the crash lasted for about 50 years! But worry not October babies, the opal stone carries many positive attributes as well!

Positive Attributes and Healing

The opal's therapeutic benefits are a reflection of the wearer's state of mind, which makes them more potent and liberating. It promotes independence and freedom while igniting originality and creativity. This stone will provide you the freedom to pursue your own unique creative path and carry out your personal preferences. Your perseverance will make your dreams come true! 

Wearing opal jewelry will help soothe and promote a sense of calmness if you've had trouble managing your anxiety or sadness. Good vibes only!

Metaphysical Properties

Do you ever let your feelings and emotions get the best of you? You have a reputation for letting your feelings influence your choices. You sincerely love and care for the people in your life, and you ultimately want to see everyone happy. You voluntarily extend the same courtesy and charity to others as they have done to you. You'll go far with your good nature! Wearing opal jewelry will help you stay motivated to live a happy, meaningful life.

While kindness is one of the stone's best qualities, it also has other great ones! These qualities include optimism, enthusiasm, hope, faithfulness, and confidence.