4 Accessories Women need Summer 24'

Ladies, the summer sun is coming and we are here to tell you what jewelry/accessories will keep you shining brighter than the sun. Grab your cocktail, put on those shades, and let's dive into the go to summer essentials that every woman needs.


1. Statement Earrings: The Bigger, The Better

If there’s one accessory that screams “I’m fabulous and I know it,” it’s statement earrings. This summer, think big. No, bigger. Now add a bit more. Perfect for making your Zoom calls a little more interesting and your beach outings a lot more glamorous. Go for bright colors, bold shapes, and don't be afraid to let your ears do the talking.

Style Tip: Pair oversized hoops or tassel earrings with a simple top or sundress. Let those earrings be the star of the show – they deserve it.


2. Layered Necklaces: Because More is More

Who said you have to pick just one necklace? Clearly, not this season’s trends. Layered necklaces are all the rage and the perfect way to add some depth to your outfit. Mix and match different lengths, styles, and materials. Gold with silver? Yes. Pearls with pendants? Absolutely. The world is your oyster – or should I say, your jewelry box?

Style Tip: Start with a choker, add a mid-length piece, and finish with a longer pendant. Voilà, instant sophistication.


3. Chunky Bracelets: Arm Candy Galore

Move over, dainty bracelets. This season, it’s all about chunky, eye-catching pieces that scream “Look at me!” Whether it’s a single bold cuff or a stack of colorful bangles, these pieces add instant flair to any outfit. And here’s a pro tip: they double as great conversation pieces at summer soirees. “Oh, this old thing? I picked it up at a little market in Santorini.” (Even if “Santorini” is code for “online sale,” your secret’s safe with me.)


4. Crochet Bags: Boho Chic

Ah, the crochet bag. It's like your favorite summer camp craft project grew up and got a fashion degree. These bags are not only adorable but also incredibly practical. Perfect for beach days, farmers' markets, or just adding a touch of boho chic to your everyday look. Plus, they’re roomy enough to hold all your summer essentials: sunscreen, sunglasses, and of course, snacks. Because hangry is never a good look.

Style Tip: Go for neutral tones for versatility or go bold with vibrant colors and patterns.