What Jewelry to Wear at Work

I think we can agree that most of us spend more time at the workplace than at any other place. Furthermore, we all know that making good first impressions is the key to being successful in the workplace. With all this in mind, it should be apparent how important it is that you present yourself appropriately. This includes how you talk, how you dress, and especially what type of jewelry you have on. Most people won't notice it but similar to how one can utilize one's body language, the jewelry you wear to the workplace can affect the type of work-life you experience and the interactions you have with coworkers and the 'higher-ups'.

Regardless of your role at work, we invite all of the workaholics, go-getters, and corporate trendsetters to read through this guide for your next work look!

Here are the 5 types of jewelry should have in your wardrobe for work:

1. Diamond Studs

For both men and women, diamond studs have always been a staple common ground when it comes to earrings or even jewelry in general. They can be worn in both casual and formal settings which makes them super versatile and worth your money. But specifically for the work setting, the studs provide a very clean, yet elegant look that'll help you look your best without having to do much.

Leilani Floral Halo Clip-On Earrings - Silver

2. Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces look great when they are paired with a button-up shirt. This is due to the pendant being able to fill up the gap that is created by the V-shape collar of the shirt. Wherever you're headed at work, whether that's the office or the conference room, the pendant necklace will add some character to your outfit without being too extra in the work environment!

3. Hoop Earrings

You might not be the biggest fan of stud earrings. If that's the case, then hoop earrings might be the option for you! But I'm not talking about the ones that end up being bigger than your face. I'd recommend some small to medium-sized hoops as these will give you the same effect, but without all the extra noise. Here are some from our website that you can check out!

4. Diamond Tennis Bracelet/Necklace

If you've made it to the top ranks at your job or the C-suite level, you'd probably want to show off all that hard work and that it did pay off. Diamond tennis bracelets/necklaces will do just that for you. They carry a sense of sophistication wherever you go, but of course, they carry a higher price tag.

Luckily, we do carry much more affordable alternatives! If your budget cannot purchase such an expensive item, then please do go onto our site and browse our products!

5. Cufflinks

These will be more relevant to the more black-tie corporate workplaces and functions, but they do help with your overall work look. Additionally, they make great gifts for anyone who recently just got promoted or found a new job.


As we conclude this blog, we hope that you were able to find some value from any of the tips listed above. Feel free to click on this link to check out more of our other products and affordable alternatives to high-end jewelry pieces!