Boss Moves

There is power in fashion.

How you dress translates into how you carry yourself. If you dress like a boss, you feel empowered and who doesn't love that feeling? We put together an outfit combo that expresses both feminine energy and professionalism in one.

Necklace set: Elegant Teardrop Necklace & Earring Set - Silver

Bracelet: Luna Square Cut Rhinestone Bracelet - Royal Blue

Headband: Capri Colorful Rhinestone Headband - Peach

Capri Colorful Rhinestone Headband - Peach with Pink Pantsuit

A matching pink pantsuit set with a simple, yet fun white blouse for some texture and white pumps to complete the clothing part of your outfit. Then we matched the outfit with pink and silver accessories with a pop of royal blue in the bracelet to keep things interesting.