Fourth of July Weekend

July 4th aka the big three day weekend that almost everyone looks forward to.

BBQs, cookouts, and pool parties are what's on most peoples' minds but what outfit are you wearing? What drink are you making? Here are some ideas to celebrate with a bang!

1. An outfit option

Sure, you would immediately think flag colors but we were thinking subtlety is key this summer. We're opting for a nice white blouse with denims and white chucks (with a hint of red).

Fourth of July Outfit

1. Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jean

2. Eyelet Crop Keyhole Blouse

3. Converse x Comme des Garçons PLAY Chuck 70

Outfit links are corresponding to numbers on item.

2. Drink option

We're going to be bad and boozy this weekend so why not make a fun fishbowl? Try out this recipe for a good time swimming with the fishies, wink wink.

Fishbowl Punch

Try out this Fishbowl Punch here  

3. Things to do

Not sure what to do with your friends? Find your local block party and explore with your friends or possibly meet new people! A block party is a great way to shop local, meet locals and find out things you never knew were in your community!

Block Party