How to Layer and Mix Bracelets/Bangles

Finding the perfect bracelet for your outfit or even just your wardrobe can be a difficult task for most. But even after finding that bracelet, you may realize that your wrist still looks bare. And because of that, you start to worry because it's already been hard enough to find one that matches the look you wanted...

Fortunately, you've come to the right place as we have put together five tips to help you plan and layer your new "arm party"!

1. More is Always Better

As obvious as it may be, having more bracelets is better than just having one. It's aesthetically more exciting, and if done right, they all complement each other by creating a tasteful contrast between the colors and all the different styles.

2. Wear an Odd Number of Bracelets

Wearing an odd number of bracelets helps with making the "arm party" look less robotic and 'matchy'. It gives a much more effortless feel to the whole look, which helps significantly because you wouldn't want to add any more conflict to the layered stack of bracelets.

This idea is comparable to how florists use an odd number of flowers in their bouquets and arrangements as well.

3. Make a Mental Note of the Color Combination

This tip will help organize your ideas, creating a more harmonious bracelet layering situation. Once you know what you want, you won't have to ask yourself the same question whenever you think of the next bracelet to add to the stack.

We recommend you start with 1 or 2 bracelets you really want to wear and then build from there. But don't forget to follow the guidelines for the color combination you initially thought about!

4. Mix Scale and Texture

When picking bracelets for layering, it is crucial to understand the concept of contrasting different elements to create interest. For example, juxtaposing smooth vs. chain link elements or color vs. texture can help create that interest.

However, there must be some type of commonality among all the bracelets so the final piece can look cohesive. An example of this can be having all the bracelets be a gold tone, but they each have a different texture, whether that may be a chain link texture or a plain and smooth one.

5. Mix High and Low

We believe that it is essential not to limit your bracelet combinations based on what type of bracelet they are or how luxurious one might be when compared to another.

In other words, it is totally fine to mix fine with costume jewelry and vintage with newer jewelry. Art is subjective, so as long as it looks good to you, that should be enough!