Is it Okay to Wear Gold and Silver Jewelry Together?

According to a survey, the average woman owns about $7000 worth of jewelry. If that's the case for you, you probably have trouble deciding what you want to wear each day. To hopefully ease some of the difficulty, we've provided you with a guide on whether or not you can wear your favorite silver and gold pieces together.

The short answer to that question would be yes.

Fortunately, silver is a neutral color so it complements almost every other color. This means that any type of gold will work, ranging from rose golds to yellow golds, and even white golds!

But there's a catch!

Regardless of whether the colors work together or not, the whole look can still turn out bad if the placements are not in check. The main goal is to try to balance the number of pieces for each type of metal. For example, you do not want to have a whole bunch of gold jewelry with only one silver statement necklace. Rather, it'd be better to wear that same silver necklace with matching earrings, and a couple of gold bracelets to complement them. As you can already tell, mixing and matching metals is a crucial concept when trying to look cohesive as a whole. As an extra tip, try to get as close as you can to an even number of silver and gold pieces combined.

The 4 Jewelry Regions

There are 4 main areas where women will wear their jewelry, and they are:

  1. the ears
  2. the neck/chest
  3. the wrist
  4. the fingers

On some occasions, some will wear ankle bracelets, which then the ankle would be considered the fifth region for these individuals.

You don't necessarily have to wear jewelry in all regions, but you most definitely can! When trying to mix and match different metals, try to match them within a single area or region. Just remember to have an even number for each type of metal. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, wearing two silver necklaces with one gold necklace between them would work perfectly. On the other hand, if you wore three gold necklaces with one silver one, it wouldn't look as cohesive as the gold would seem a bit overbearing.

Mixed-Metal Pieces

You may be wondering what to do when it comes to mixed-metal jewelry. It might seem like a complicated concept, but mixed metals actually make it easier for you to mix and match metals for your look! Of course, these types of jewelry can still stand on their own and look great. However, they can actually serve as exceptional transitional pieces as well! Just wear them between any gold and silver piece of jewelry, and you'll be able to see how it creates an effortless balance between the two. This is especially useful for those that want to wear an odd number of jewelry in a single region.

Less is More

Most people will try to put on as many pieces of jewelry as they can, so they can show off all of their favorite jewelry at once. As appealing as this might sound, it often leads to a lot of clashing between the pieces of jewelry and a lopsided aesthetic. It is more important that each piece of jewelry seamlessly integrates into the bigger picture of your outfit. Hence, you want to make sure each piece is intentional, but also subtle and sophisticated. For example, if you really wanted to wear three silver bracelets with one gold bracelet, then you should make sure to add a pair of gold earrings and/or a gold necklace to offset the imbalance.

Match Piece's Style

In certain situations, some jewelry pieces may go well together regardless of their colors. This is most likely due to the fact that they are matching in styles instead of colors.

But what does that mean?

For example, let's say you have a gold necklace with a heart pendant, but you want to match it with some silver earrings. You should go and find some silver earrings that are in the shape of a heart so that the necklace and the pair of earrings will work together well! This is an important concept because it allows you to mix and match certain pieces that you previously would have not thought possible.


It is a common misconception that gold and silver jewelry should be kept apart, but this couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, mixing and matching metals is useful and beneficial for you as it can produce a more layered, complex look that stands out in a stunning and distinctive way. Now stop reading and start mixing!