What's Your Favorite June Birthstone?

It's officially the month of summer: JUNE!

The season of basking in the sun, day parties, and all the cute summer outfits! Some colors to inspire us this summer are the 3 birthstones that June represents: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite.


First up, we have the beauty of pearls. In today's fashion, pearls have made an ultimate comeback and rebrand into daily fashionwear that does not remind you of your grandma. Instead, pearls have become fun to wear and gives fashion a revamp on looking modern with a hint of classic because we always have nostalgia, right?

Our favorite pearl set comes with a pearl necklace choker with a rhinestone pendant and matching post earrings and clasp bracelet to pair it with. Wear it as a set for a full glam or wear them separately and still keep that luxury look on you.

The Cosmo Pearl Necklace, Earring & Bracelet Set

The Cosmo Pearl Necklace, Earring & Bracelet Set - White


Next, we have the gorgeous moonstone gem that reminds us of our color changing iridescent jewelry. The light reflecting effect and glimmering colors are the charm of iridescent jewelry because they can pair with pretty much any outfit you'd like.

Our popular choice of iridescent jewelry is the Vienna Oval Rhinestone Y Drop Necklace & Earring Set in Gold Iridescent. She shines like the moon in the dark night and gives you dreamy vibes during the day. It's a no brainer why this pick is a winner.

Vienna Oval Rhinestone Y Drop Necklace & Earring Set



“Emerald by day, ruby by night” is the saying for the Alexandrite birthstone and it's a fun one. Similarly to the moonstone, this color changing property on the Alexandrite can be seen as bluish green in daylight and purplish red in night light.

That definitely reminds us of the green rainbow jewelry in our collection and the Genesis Oval Drop Rhinestone Earrings in Rainbow will have you jaw dropping in awe at how these colors pair so well together. Look no further, these oval drop earrings are IT. The free flowing feel of these earrings will be the vibe of summer and give you that tropical mood.

Genesis Oval Drop Rhinestone Earrings

Genesis Oval Drop Rhinestone Post Earrings - Rainbow