Why it's Important to Take Your Ring Off

People commonly hold some type of sentimental value to their jewelry; but for some, they just love how it looks on them.

No matter the reason, it is highly advised that you take off your ring(s) at least every night. Especially if the ring has a wider band and/or is a tight fit to your finger. It is crucial to know that you need to let your skin breathe at times or it'll turn white. The skin will eventually become red and then peel off. Understandably, this is commonly mistaken to be an allergic reaction. In reality, it is caused by the moisture that gets trapped under the ring for long periods of time.

Another reason to remove your ring at night is to keep it from getting stuck on your finger. Fingers swell significantly when sleeping, and wearing a ring can cut off circulation. If a ring is too tight, wearing it while sleeping is when it will most likely become stuck. Also, if you never take your ring off, you might not notice if the size of your ring has changed over time. By taking it off regularly, you are more likely to notice if your finger has grown larger, allowing you to have your ring resized before it becomes too small.

You should also remove your ring before doing anything that could harm the ring or your hand, such as gardening, moving furniture, lifting weights, and so on. Furthermore, always remove your ring before swimming. This is the most common method by which people misplace their rings. Aside from the risk of losing it in the water, chlorine is corrosive to gold. Because of this, your rings should never be worn in a swimming pool or hot tub.

We don't recommend taking off your ring in public restrooms because there are way too many ways you can lose it in these types of environments. Sometimes the ring will accidentally fall inside the drain, or people will just forget about the ring in its entirety and leave the restroom without it. Instead, we advise that you keep them on as you wash your hands. When you need to dry your hands, you can just move the ring around to make sure there are no more wet areas under the ring.

When you do take off your ring, you'll want a secure place to keep it. On the nightstand or dresser, a ring dish or box is an excellent place to keep your ring. That way, you can get into the habit of putting it there when you take it off at night. And, if you need to remove it for other reasons, you'll have a place to put it.

These ring holder necklaces are also useful for storing your ring when you need to remove it while out and about. You can easily slip the ring onto the necklace with these without having to remove the chain. They are ideal for temporarily storing your ring while performing tasks such as baking or flying in a plane.

In conclusion, as much as we love our jewelry, it is in the best interest of both you and your jewelry when you spend some time without them as well!